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Digital Marketing

Let's boost your digital marketing. Simple tools which we implement and easy for use will reach your target groups. Starting with simple Mail marketing ending with targets in social media.
Your unique KPIs will support you to improve your marketing campaigns
The budget is the crucial condition for marketing strategy. Prioritization, implementation and measurements will be applied to keep the strategy in the budget line. Plan with us your next marketing budget and calculate the ROI.

Digital Marketing Tools

You should be the first on Google Search to have a big traffic. We will optimize your website, highlight the key words. Make the website for Google easy to find
Keep your customers in one Customer Relationship Management Tool. You can see all history of interactions between you and your customers. Get reminders to contact the customers or generate for them coupons or newsletters.
Targeting your groups
Using Add-Applications in Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and Google we will help you to precise your target group and reach them in the right time.

Branding and Logo Design

Design is not just what it looks like

Our designers start living with your design. They research and sleeping the curves and colors of your brand. Generating the Logo and Webdesign which simple tell who you or your business are.
Research and first draft
Presentation and Customer-Feedback
Adapting and Finalizing

The Design only for you

The design should be easy and be visible in all places. Either on your Website or on your cards. It presents the philosophy and your values.
Business Cards
Connect with us

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