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WebsiteRebranding- Shop Norrhavet

Shop Norrhavet is a special place where you can find your favorite eco bags with creative and pretty designs and different types of delicious coffees.


They came to us for overall website development, rebranding and overhaul for their existing website. Our main focuses for this project were redesign of Product page, connecting Woocommerce with Mailerlite and Homepage customizations.



Rebranding of Product page

The rebranding of the product page is one of the key points from this project. For e-commerce sites, the product details page is the most crucial part of the website. Thanks to our hard work the product page has a fresh look with improved user experience.


Connecting Woocommerce

We connected Woocommerce with Mailerlite, which is an email marketing tool that enhances your ecommerce email marketing and tracks its success. It gives you access to data synchronization and sales tracking.


Homepage customizations

Using customized Homepages gives you full control over what users see when they log in via the Web app or Windows Desktop app, instead of the standard homepage which uses rule-based recommendations. If a user has a custom homepage assigned to them, they will no longer have access to the regular homepage.

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