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WebsiteWebsite Development- 3D Fotteknik

Our client 3D Fotteknik is a clinic in Sweden. 3D Foot Technology was founded by Jonas Rosenfors & Tomas Lundström. Jonas has spent most of his professional working life creating better conditions for human health through chiropractic and shoe insoles.

Website development

The client’s goal was to get a brand new look and full WordPress website development for their existing website. 

Website development

The Product Page adaptation was an important part of the company’s strategy for selling in a foreign country. We’ve done the product page adaptation. Changed the product to meet the needs of customers in a market other than the one in which it is made.

Connecting the website to WooCommerce was primary for website development as WooCommerce is an excellent ecommerce platform that makes sure the right audience sees your store and products.

We have used Zapier for the interface between Calendly and Woocommerce Customer creation.


Our developers created a system where the user will get its account’s access and will be able to get the results of their test. Afterwards the test will be delivered. 


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