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WebsiteDahab – Professional Website for Pizza Ordering

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Dahab is a cozy restaurant in Vienna. The restaurant sells diverse dishes like Pizza, Pasta, Schnitzel, Kebab etc. Since they wanted to go online, our task was to draft a simple logo design and focus mainly on the website and admin panel.


Hence, the website should cover 3 main user groups:

  • Customers – dish ordering
    • The website should be responsive and easy for users to order food. The design should be simple enough to locate the dish the customer is looking for. For this reason, we created a big menu where the customer can access the right categories via navigation buttons. Additional toppings cost extra. The restaurant delivers between 11 am and 11 pm.The customer can choose between different payments methods or simply pay at the door.


  • Kitchen crew – receives and schedules orders.
    • The admin panel should be designed for the kitchen in such a way that new orders appear with a sound notification
    • The panel should be user-friendly and the order status clear. Status automatically changes depending on the process
    • The UI should be as flexible as possible

  • Delivery Drivers – receive orders and deliver
    • A customized solution for the delivery drivers dispatching should also be in place. After a dish is ready to be delivered, the kitchen admin can dispatch the order to the delivery drivers. Delivery drivers have their own dashboard where they can see the orders that are to be delivered.
    • Each order contains important information that the delivery drivers needs to be aware of. It also includes a Google Map Integration to provide the route navigation.
    • Each process changes the status and the kitchen admin can see it.
    • After the dish is delivered, the status of the order will be marked as “Completed”.

The project was done in cooperation with iMagdy.
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