Empowering Cosmetics Industry: Web Development and Design for Cosmetri Software.


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Our focus is on designing user-friendly interfaces that enable seamless interaction.

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Our approaches combine data analysis and creativity to develop effective and measurable marketing strategies.

Just honest!

Our valued client, Cosmetri, operates in the cosmetics and personal care industry, providing solutions that streamline operations and ensure compliance with evolving regulations. To enhance the company’s online presence, we handled the comprehensive web development and design of Cosmetri’s website.

For web development, we used WPBakery Page Builder, a versatile plugin for WordPress that simplifies the creation of captivating website content through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. To add dynamic visual appeal to the site, we cleverly used JavaScript to stage intricate animations. Through JavaScript, we achieved the seamless transfer of multiple DOM elements across the page in accordance with a logical equation or function, contributing to an engaging user experience.

Our design efforts focused on creating an aesthetic and user-friendly page layout. Page design encompasses the strategic organization and presentation of web content, ensuring optimal readability and navigation for visitors. By balancing compelling visuals with intuitive layout decisions, we aimed to create a cohesive and visually appealing online platform.

Just honest!

Good WordPress developer, highly recommended.
Simon Bowen