JobsVS: Bridging Employers and Professionals with Design and SEO Expertise


Tools of our craft


We set the framework for long-term success, identify target markets and formulate clear goals.

UX/UI Design

Our focus is on designing user-friendly interfaces that enable seamless interaction.

Web Development

We use the latest technologies and practices to create functional and reliable websites and applications.


Our approaches combine data analysis and creativity to develop effective and measurable marketing strategies.

Just honest!

Our client, JobsVS is a recruitment agency that enables companies and applicants to find each other.  Through them, companies can directly find and hire professional talent in their area. Their service manages the entire recruitment process for companies and guides job seekers through the application process. 

We have done design implementation and SEO for JobsVS.

Our team built a responsive and clear website. While making the website we used Persy provided by API. So the website owner doesn’t do the same thing twice and job applications are taken from Persy and are shown on the website.

Redesign- They provided the design for the website and our team of experts have done the implementation of it. The key was to create an appealing yet clear and quality look for the website, in which we pretty much succeeded.

Search engine optimization- We also provide personalized SEO services for the website. We optimized the speed of the website, keyword research, backend updates, and more.