Kalami: From Vienna's Naschmarkt to Online Spice Paradise with a Colorful Redesign.


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Just honest!

Kalami is a famous spicy shop located in Vienna Naschmarkt. The name Kalami originates in Greece, it is a very famous beach near the Mediterranean sea. That is why the spices from Kalami are very special.

Kalami is a mix of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine which can been seen in an array of these colorful spices.

Our project was to redesign the old version of the website. The challenge was to rethink and find suitable colors for the spices, but the customer wanted to expand selling not only spices but also vegetables or appetizers. Kalami wanted to bring more value to his customers, so we made it happen by creating recipies where these species can be used.

The website was created and redesigned during the COVID-19 pandemic which is why the customer transferred his local shop into an online store.

We helped the customer to get certified by “Trusted Shop”. Trusted Shop is a German platform which support users to check the quality of online shops and reviews. If your Online Shop is certified by Trusted Shop you can also collect reviews and gain trust of your future customers.