Karine Babajanyan

Elevating Opera Star's Profile with Professional Website

Just honest!

Karine Babajanyan is an international and renowned opera singer. The soprano started her career in Armenia, Yerevan and worked her way through the world and gained an international career. We collaborated with Karine on her professional website which is mandatory for her work.

It had to be clear, handy and user friendly. In the opera industry it is very important to be feasible and present for agencies, opera companies etc. Our goal was to build an easy and responsive website.

The Target group of opera singers are the opera houses and concert halls.  This group is looking for specific information on the page and contact her. So we created the wonderful design of the website and added a Spotify connection, where the songs are possible to hear.

Just honest!

Erik and his experienced team gave good advices and put a lot of effort into the project. The project was the creation of a website and the results reflected my expectations. I enjoyed working with him and look forward to future collaborations. Thank you!​
Karine Babajanyan​