Kelso Well

Empowering Wellness: Vassie Kelso's WILDFIT® 90 Journey - From Jimdo to Revitalized WordPress.


Tools of our craft


We set the framework for long-term success, identify target markets and formulate clear goals.

UX/UI Design

Our focus is on designing user-friendly interfaces that enable seamless interaction.

Web Development

We use the latest technologies and practices to create functional and reliable websites and applications.


Our approaches combine data analysis and creativity to develop effective and measurable marketing strategies.

Just honest!

Vassie Kelso is a health and wellness coach from Austria. She inspires others to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. WILDFIT® 90 teaches you how to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t ideal for you and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize you.

For this Project, we have transferred the Website from Jimbo to WordPress. We’ve redesigned and given new life to outdated designs.

Transfer the Website to WordPress: The client wanted us to transfer the website from Jimdo to WordPress. As WordPress is a word-known Content Management System and overall a better platform for e-commerce websites.

Redesign: The main challenge was the amount of text, which was very important for the customer. Nevertheless, the actual design suffered from the amount of text but in the end, we could match the design with customer expectations.