Monte Ofelio Group

From Italian Bar to Online Success with Dynamic Web Solutions.


Tools of our craft


We set the framework for long-term success, identify target markets and formulate clear goals.

UX/UI Design

Our focus is on designing user-friendly interfaces that enable seamless interaction.

Web Development

We use the latest technologies and practices to create functional and reliable websites and applications.


Our approaches combine data analysis and creativity to develop effective and measurable marketing strategies.

Just honest!

Monte Ofelio Group is a company founded by the Formisano brothers, Dario and Luca. They come from the countryside of Naples and have brought the naturalness and sustainability of Italian products to Vienna.

Their intention is to export traditional Italian groceries to Austria. Their first shop was inspired by the traditional Italian Bar where customers can enjoy breakfast and appetizers made with exclusively Italian products of great excellence.

Now with the success over the past years, it is time for the brothers to expand. They will carry it out by opening more bars and bakeries in Vienna.

A business expansion requires digital support and therefore a website that allows you to increase your brand awareness and sell your products all over the world.

After turning to DigiDog, the brothers were able to count on 3 different sites that reflect their market strategy as well as develop different brands that refer to their main company ‘Monte Ofelio Group’. 

After a dynamic and challenging work, the Neapolitan brothers can boast of their website where customers can get the feel of the Italian atmosphere that prevails at their bars. Customers can book tables and order their products directly from home.

The success of our work can be seen in the sales increase that has been tracked since the moment the website was activated. This was also especially attainable through cooperation with the Italian company’s social management team. The professional synergy with our customers has allowed the achievement of more ambitious goals than those set.