Technik Hoffmann

Modern redesign of the brand of Technik Hoffmann
Modernes redesign


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Moderne Website des Brands Technik Hoffmann
Modernes redesign

Our collaboration!

Our team at digidog was thrilled to work with Technik Hoffmann (an established industry leader in Germany) on their new website redesign project which was built on WordPress. Our goal was to create a modern and professional design that would accurately represent the company’s brand and values.

To achieve this, we started with a thorough research and analysis phase, which involved reviewing Technik Hoffmann’s current website, studying their industry and competitors. This allowed us to develop a clear strategy for the new website that would appeal to their customers and differentiate them from their competitors.

We then moved on to the design phase, where our team created a sleek and visually engaging website that highlighted the company’s services and products. The new design incorporated Technik Hoffmann’s brand colors and fonts, while also utilizing modern design elements such as bold typography and animations to grab users’ attention. Our designer utilized jQuery to create the animated features on the website. 

In addition to the design, our team also created new content for the website, which was optimized for search engines and tailored to resonate with the company’s target audience. We worked closely with Technik Hoffmann to ensure that the content accurately represented their brand and effectively conveyed their unique selling propositions.