MENUSHFILM is an Austrian top photography and filming company. They began with the recording of their own travels. Their shootings and videos were so well received that more and more friends entrusted them to document their most important days in life. This trust and their passion led them to offer this professionally.

For this reason, connecting their website to their social media were a fundamental step for their business. MENUSHFILM turned to DigiDog because they needed an API with their offical Instagram business profile. Unfortunately there are no plug-ins to do this in WIX. We created a customized PHP-solution to connect their Instagram page with their Website.

Now, thanks to our work, they can do their business much more efficiently. In fact, once their social manager uploads photos to Instagram, they are also shown directly on their site.

In this project, the communication that allowed us to create a customized, unique and functional solution was fundamental.

Mario is an Italian manager who aims to carry the culinary traditions of Genoa and Bologna to Vienna. His restaurant is not only a place where to eat but also a place where to feel the Italian atmosphere. The Pasta is homemade daily, and during the day, culinary courses are organized in the restaurant. The high-quality products used in the restaurant come directly from Italy, and the customers can buy these in the restaurant’s shop. Mario is aware of the importance of digital background and asked DigiDog to create an elegant Website with multiple functionalities, maintaining the lightness of his concept.


DigiDog’s main objectives for the Italian restaurant website were:

    • Increasing brand awareness and open the business to new marketing options.
    • Creating an e-Commerce for high-quality products.
    • Allowing the customers to book a table or a culinary course easily.


We supported Mario in multiple choices, indicating him the most convenient one. Now, the customers can book tables or culinary courses directly from home. Moreover, the shop is characterized by exclusive products that only his restaurant import from Italy to Austria. After a short time, the seriousness and concreteness of our work have been rewarded with the increase of online table reservations and the rise in product sales that have been tracked since the website was activated. Two new “CibariaItaliana” restaurants are expected to open in Germany in 2021. Today, we follow the Italian manager in expanding his brand, supporting him in digital marketing and the management of the franchise.
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