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Apapika is a unique and delicious restaurant in Vienna, Austria. They prepare Hawaiian bowls with homemade sauces, toppings and an Arabic touch. Apapika offers you a wide selection of unique Hawaiian bowls with fresh, homemade ingredients.




They were looking to polish their existing website. Our designers created a fresh and pleasing look for the website, taking inspiration from the old design of the website. We mostly worked on the appearance and layout of the website. 



The design implementation phase is a significant percentage of the overall design cycle. After the design was complete our next task was its execution. It was critical the implementation  phase of the design  be handled as efficiently as possible and we delivered it perfectly.

The project received a beautiful and grateful testimonial from the client

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Vassie Kelso is a health and wellness coach from Austria. She inspires others to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. WILDFIT® 90 teaches you how to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t ideal for you and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize you.

Transfer the Website

For this Project we have transferred the Website from Jimbo to WordPress. And we’ve done redesign and give new life to outdated design. 

Transfer the Website to WordPress

The client wanted us to transfer the website from Jimdo to WordPress. As WordPress is a word-known Content Management System and overall a better platform for ecommerce websites.


The main challenge was the amount of text, which was very important for the customer. Nevertheless the actual design suffered from the amount of text but at the end we could match the design with customer expectations.

Shop Norrhavet is a special place where you can find your favorite eco bags with creative and pretty designs and different types of delicious coffees.


They came to us for overall website development, rebranding and overhaul for their existing website. Our main focuses for this project were redesign of Product page, connecting Woocommerce with Mailerlite and Homepage customizations.



Rebranding of Product page

The rebranding of the product page is one of the key points from this project. For e-commerce sites, the product details page is the most crucial part of the website. Thanks to our hard work the product page has a fresh look with improved user experience.


Connecting Woocommerce

We connected Woocommerce with Mailerlite, which is an email marketing tool that enhances your ecommerce email marketing and tracks its success. It gives you access to data synchronization and sales tracking.


Homepage customizations

Using customized Homepages gives you full control over what users see when they log in via the Web app or Windows Desktop app, instead of the standard homepage which uses rule-based recommendations. If a user has a custom homepage assigned to them, they will no longer have access to the regular homepage.

Our customer Cosmetri software empowers cosmetics and personal care companies by streamlining operations. And they are ensuring compliance with ever more stringent regulations.

For the Cosmetri website we have done web development and design as well. 

Web Development

For web development we used WPBakery Page Builder, which is a page builder plugin for WordPress. Which allows you to create stunning website content with simple drag and drop.

JavaScript was used for creating complicated animations. JavaScript was used to transfer several DOM elements across the page in accordance with a logical equation or function.

We also did page design, which is the way a web page or electronic document is organized and presented.

FinTech is an enterprise based in Kassel. Fintract is one of those solutions, helping to automate formerly manual processes. 

Their OCR extracts all relevant data from documents in a few seconds, eliminating manual recording – be it invoices, account statements, salary statements, payment advice slips or other documents.

Logo design

For this case we created Logo Design, Web Design and have done overall WordPress website development.


Logo Design

The inspiration of Logo was taken from the original website.Know your brand personality. We had a clear idea of the brand personality before starting to design the company’s logo and we just kept it simple and appealing.

Logo design


Web Design

For the Web design we created the layout and design of the website. We  worked on the appearance of the site which relates to the colors, font, and images used. Many webpages are designed with a focus on simplicity.


Web development

For this website we mostly have done Front-end web development, which is responsible for the look and feel of a website.

Norrhavet is a marketing agency based in Sweden. We collaborated with Norrhavet for their website development and redesign. Our main direction of work for this project were Blog part Design, Speed Adapting and Monthly Maintenance.

Speed Adaptation


Blog part Design

With so many blogs out there and so many themes, a good blog design will help the blog to stand out and be easily recognizable to visitors. This, in my opinion, is the most important benefit of a custom theme

Our task was to create distinguishing and captivating design and our creative designers successfully fulfilled the mission.


Speed Adaptation

The Website’s Speed Adaptation was one of key parts of the project as  poorly performing sites that render slowly in a browser can drive users away.

Due to our work, Norrhavet’s speed is  Website speed and website performance is top and is able to load fully functional web pages from a given site. And the website receives more traffic and has better conversion rates.


Monthly Maintenance

It’s really important for Norrhavet to provide good services to its customers and for that we are providing Monthly Maintenance to them and constantly check to see whether the website is healthy and performing well.

It’s about keeping up with security updates, fresh content, encouraging traffic growth, and making sure your website visitors are happy.

Abrar Projects is a wonderful platform where everyone can make donations. With your help millions of people in Africa get access to clean water.

They came to our agency on a mission to adapt the homepage and adapt the donation part. 

Adaptation of the homepage

The homepage and donation part are two of the most crucial pages of your website. These are the first things your visitors see, so you need to make sure they leave a great first impression.


Adaptation of the homepage

The first step to adaptation of the homepage is to analyze your current homepage. What are the elements of your homepage that are working? What are they that aren’t? This is a good way to find out what’s working and what isn’t. We used tools like VWO or Optimizely to test different variations and find out which one drives the most conversions. 

Adaptation of the homepage

Adaption of the donation part

The donation part is your call to action. It’s where you ask for money, and it’s where most conversion happens. You need to make sure that this part grabs your visitor’s attention and urges them to take action. The best way to do this is by personalizing this section.We included information about the visitor, their donation, the brand, and any other relevant informatiotn. We  also added a visual element to this section.

Our client 3D Fotteknik is a clinic in Sweden. 3D Foot Technology was founded by Jonas Rosenfors & Tomas Lundström. Jonas has spent most of his professional working life creating better conditions for human health through chiropractic and shoe insoles.

Website development

The client’s goal was to get a brand new look and full WordPress website development for their existing website. 

Website development

The Product Page adaptation was an important part of the company’s strategy for selling in a foreign country. We’ve done the product page adaptation. Changed the product to meet the needs of customers in a market other than the one in which it is made.

Connecting the website to WooCommerce was primary for website development as WooCommerce is an excellent ecommerce platform that makes sure the right audience sees your store and products.

We have used Zapier for the interface between Calendly and Woocommerce Customer creation.


Our developers created a system where the user will get its account’s access and will be able to get the results of their test. Afterwards the test will be delivered.

Phone Experts is your reliable partner for mobile phone accessories, display breakage, water damage or data backup. They repair quickly and cost-effectively. 


They also have the largest selection of mobile phone accessories. Phone Experts currently have 10 branches in Vienna, Lower Austria, Carinthia and Styria.


After 2 years of having the same Homepage, customers wanted something new, which represents themself. So they turned to our team for their fresh rebranding.

The homepage design expired from such companies as Apple, Samsung. With the first look the visitor can understand what the website/business is about.

The client was very content and delighted with our work, as we continue our collaboration up to now.

Visit the website, and share your thoughts with us.

Sofie’s Kosmetik is a beautiful and aesthetic beauty salon in Vienna, Austria.

Here in addition to beauty and cosmetic and other treatments by experienced experts,they also give you an extra portion of well-being.


Why are they so successful?

They always create an atmosphere that invites you to relax and enjoy. And they love what we do and are happy to go the extra mile to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

They approached our team with the mission to implement an appealing design to the website.

We implemented the design, added payment system and integrated booking service and gave the website a fresh look.

Our lovely client gave us a 5 star rating and was very happy with the end result of the project.

Check the website for a bigger picture.
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